Strange Fiction have a depth about their music that is catchy, powerful, fresh and lyrically superb.

Review at Toward Music

It is a confident opening that sets everything in place with Tease her.

Review at Unsigned & Independent

“Tease Her” presents listeners with an incredible and raw alternative rock single[...] an addictive track that is guaranteed to have listeners coming back for more.

Review at The Undiscovered

Strange Fiction become somewhat of an over-amped-up Bruno Mars to be truthful[...] I’ve got love for Bruno’s incredible vocals... Palacio could easily get to that kind of greatness in time, he’s damn near there already.

Review at Sleeping Bag Studios

Cool rock riffs accompanied by some super sonic vocals and guitar solos makes one awesome band. Vocally fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music rocks.

Review at Rock Bandom

Strange Fiction mixes it up in such a way that you can't help but enjoy Orange, which recalls everyone from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to Jane's Addiction and even Bruno Mars! When was the last time you heard that said about any band?

Review at Heavy Metal Time Machine

“Tease Her” is a great single [...] with a slick pop groove and a chorus that has a rock edge it makes for a fun, upbeat and striking single with a few licks and hooks to make sure you have it on repeat. And you will have it repeats!

Review at Shout it Loud

The track “Not Good Enough” is leaning more to the realm of Incubus, with the slow, finger-picked chords and slow tempo undefined to drive a detailed story. The vocals are sustaining and yet switch regularly to gritty that obviously sets the highly emotional tone of this piece.

Review at My dad rocks

Everything comes from personal experiences, and just our general outlook on life, and what’s important to us. Yet in general, we wanted to write songs that we could love, we wanted to create the type of music that makes us happy.

Interview at Vents Magazine

It’s an unusual mix, but one that shines through in the neat pop groove and vocal of lead single “Tease Her” which gives way to a huge rocking chorus. The track is a stellar introduction to the raw sound of the band.

Review at Jammer Zine

“Icarus’ Last Night” is a truly chilling tune that’s loaded with character and charisma. Its enigmatic style ensures that it captivates continuously and leaves a lasting impressing


An inescapable ear pleaser, it is easy to assume Icarus’ Last Night is a live crowd arousing incitement too